We Coach Pastors &
Rescue Churches.

We help pastors and churches achieve their desired growth by providing personalized coaching, a supportive community, and practical resources.

We Coach Pastors &
Rescue Churches

We help pastors and churches achieve their desired growth by providing personalized coaching, a supportive community, and practical resources.

Church growth, together.

Helping pastors and churches grow, together

When the pastor grows, the church grows; we grow pastors. Join the hundreds of pastors who are experiencing the health and growth that comes from the coaching and community at Church Boom!

At Church Boom, we help pastors experience:

Support and encouragement from a community of like-minded pastors.

Personal coaching and guidance from a Church Boom certified coach.

A proven curriculum to break through growth barriers.

On-going practical resources to help you lead your church.

Pastor David and Michele McLain Lead Pastors The Bridge Church, Texas

"No doubt, the health and impact of our ministry has grown in every way since we joined Church Boom, and it feels like we’re just getting started!  So don’t keep doing ministry by yourself —we’re better together!  

Pastor David and Michele McLain |  Lead Pastors The Bridge Church, Texas

A coaching community for pastors

We're more than a consulting program

Church Boom is not a program or church consulting company, rather, we are a movement of pastors looking to support other pastors through coaching, community, and resources. When you are part of the Church Boom tribe, you'll experience:

Affordable for any budget

Plan to break growth barriers

Pastors coaching pastors

Highly relational coaching

Church Boom

Don't pastor alone! Learn how you can join one of our coaching paths to start your journey to health and growth. Find your tribe, today!

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Church Rescue

Discover ways to support the movement by funding the movement as we make coaching and resources accessible to all pastors.

help rescue

Join the Rescue Movement —

Being a pastor can be a challenging and overwhelming task, and I know this firsthand as a local pastor myself. Unfortunately, I've witnessed far too many churches close and pastors walk away from their calling over the years.

This is why I established Church Boom, a movement aimed at supporting pastors to ensure that every community has a thriving church.

At Church Boom, we are more than just a program - we are a community of pastors who coach and support one another, with the goal of rescuing struggling churches.

Our mission is to provide pastors with the personalized coaching, resources, and support they need to successfully navigate the demands of leading a church.

Our ultimate vision is for every pastor to be part of a tribe of like-minded pastors who are dedicated to improving their church's growth and leadership health.

It's time to stop going it alone and become part of a community of pastors who are growing together!

Cheering you on!
Chris Sonksen
Founder & CEO Church Boom

What Others Say about Church Boom

"When I was a pastor years ago I wish I had a team around me like Church Boom.  Coaches that would encourage me, lift me up, give me practical solutions, walk with me, feel my heart and pray with me.  I didn’t have that! Churches are so blessed to have access to the team at Church Boom.  They are partnering with churches to make hell emptier and heaven fuller.  I admire what they do!"

Sam Chand

Author, Speaker, and Coach

"The Church Boom team is on the frontline of a rescue mission unlike any other.  I am convinced that when we are all on the other side, special badges will be given out to those who came to the rescue for churches who needed help. Thank you for all you do!"

William Vanderbloemen

CEO & Founder, The Vanderbloemen Group

"I want to thank the team at Church Boom, all the coaches and facilitators for coming alongside churches and helping them to reach their redeemed potential. I am grateful for your ministry to churches that have plateaued or have gotten into a rut and helping them to dream again and realize their God-given potential.  Thank you for what you are doing across the United States."

Doug Clay

General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

Weekly Church Leader Podcast

Fly on the Wall Podcast

Tune every Wednesday to sit in on a live coaching session as Chris Sonksen helps coach pastors through the ministry challenges we all face. Catch the Fly on the Wall podcast wherever podcasts are streamed or on Youtube!

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