Group Coaching Cohorts

"I feel that I am learning about essential elements and tools for leading our church into a place of health and growth." - Eric Zimmer Lead Pastor | Grove Church Ohio



Coaching for Pastors

When the Pastor grows, the Church grows!

We believe that when the pastor grows, the church grows, so we are on a mission to help pastors grow!

Our coaching cohorts exist to provide pastors with the necessary coaching, resources, and support that need to take their leadership to the next level.

Our 10 month cohort provides you with:

Monthly Coaching Calls

Receive personal coaching by a certified Church Boom coach alongside a small group of other like-minded pastors

4 Day Soul Care Retreat

Head to an exclusive getaway and receive the rest, counseling, and care you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

A Plan for Growth

Utilize the 10 month coaching and on-going resources to begin to implement the changes you need to see growth in your church.


As a pastor myself, I know the challenges ministry can bring, not only to your leadership but to your family. As church leaders, we need a tribe to belong to — a community where pastors strive for leadership health and church growth, together. More than ever pastors need each other to navigate the difficult challenges of ministering to a broken.

Here, in our monthly cohorts, you will find:


A certified Church Boom coach will walk with. you each month to help you in the ministry challenges you face. Get the support you need to experience the growth you want.


Find a community of fellow pastors who share your values and create a secure space where you can openly discuss your ministry challenges and exchange innovative ideas with others.


Experience a four-day soul care retreat alongside your cohort. Here you'll receive essential rest and counseling to empower you to sustain your ministry in a place of on-going health


What others are saying —

"It's not easy pastoring a church, and Church Boom makes it easier. They helped me see I wasn't the only pastor struggling, and they gave me the resources I needed to grow!"

Rob Shepherd

Lead Pastor | Next Level Church, Virginia

"Coming into this cohort one of the biggest challenges I was facing was regarding vision about what the future looked like for our church and what God wants to do in our church/community. As I've been in the cohort this year, it has really helped me to open up to God's plans for the future and dream about what might lie ahead. Additionally, I feel that I am learning about essential elements and tools for leading our church into a place of health and growth."

Eric Zimmer

Lead Pastor | Grove Church, Ohio

"Having the structure of gathering together online with the cohort helps me to make time in my schedule to sit down and process the different topics - time that might have easily been taken up with the demand of the urgent if it weren't for the commitment of the meeting time with the cohort. Hearing from other pastors who are experiencing some similar situations as us, it really helps to not feel alone and to normalize our experience."

Hector Guiterrez

Lead Pastor | Thrive Church California 

Monthly Coaching for Pastors

Inside Cohorts —

Every month, you will have a 90-minute Zoom call with your coach and up to twelve other lead pastors from around the country. During the ten months, you will be guided through a proven church growth plan to help you take your church to the next level. Learn how to break through growth barriers and find sustained growth!

The Church Growth Plan
  • Month 1 - Develop Your Personal Growth Plan
  • Month 2 - Define Reality
  • Month 3 - Craft a Clear Mission
  • Month 4 - Create the Growth Strategy
  • Month 5 - Discovery Core Values
  • Month 6 - Implement a Church Scorecard
  • Month 7 - Lead High Performing Staff
  • Month 8 - Change and Shape the Culture
  • Month 9 - Plan High Impacting Services
  • Month 10 - Develop Future Leaders

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Applications require a $25 one-time fee.
CHURCHES over 100
per month

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How often do cohorts meet?

Cohorts meet once a month for ten months. Each group meets virtually with their coach and group.

What's the cost?

For churches under 100, it's absolutely FREE! For churches over 100, the cost is $49 per month. Both plans require a $25 one-time application fee. Fee can be waived upon special request.

What day of the week do cohorts meet?

Cohorts meet on different days, and we pair you with a group that meets on a day that you are typically available.

How much does the 4 day soul care retreat cost?

The only cost for you is for your transportation to the location.

Where is the retreat held?

Retreat locations vary and the destination will be determined by your cohort and coach.

What happens in a cohort?

During the 90-minute sessions, each group will receive guidance and instruction from their Church Boom coach on a particular topic. Following the instruction, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the topic and explore practical steps to apply the coaching in their church.

How long do cohorts last?

Cohorts last for one year and meet 10 out of 12 months of the year.

How many other pastors are in a cohort?

We prefer to maintain a personal and relational approach, which is why we limit our groups to approximately 8-10 pastors. This way, pastors can have the opportunity to get to know each other and receive the required support from their coach.

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