Church Rescue

A Rescue Initiative to fund the access of affordable coaching, resources, and emergency funding for pastors and churches.

Church Rescue Initiative

The Church Needs Rescued!

We firmly believe that supporting the growth of pastors is the key to keeping churches thriving in our communities. Our goal is to ensure that no pastor ever feels alone and that every community has a growing church in their community.

Thousands of churches close every year.

40% of Pastors are considering quitting ministry.

Ministry challenges are becoming too difficult

Less than 50% of people claim to have a faith.


Rescued Churches Rescue Churches —

Thousands of churches in the US close each year. We are here to make a difference by offering financial assistance, free ministry leadership conferences, and much more to struggling and declining churches nationwide.

With Church Rescue, we help provide:

Financial Assistance

Church Rescue offers financial assistance and support to struggling and declining churches nationwide.

Events & Community

We are proud to offer free ministry leadership conferences across the country along with live-virtual events.

Coaching Content & Resources

Churches under 100 in attendance gain free access to Church Boom Group Coaching Cohorts and thousands of resources.

Free Coaching & Emergency Counseling

We provide monthly coaching with ministry experts and access to an emergency counseling hotline.


Church Rescue offers opportunities for pastors and spouses to attend an all-expense-paid retreat.

What others are saying —

"The Church Boom team does an incredible job coaching pastors and rescuing churches. They are making a gigantic kingdom difference.  I know their heart and their passion and I believe in them."

Dan Reiland

Executive Pastor, 12 Stone Church

"I want to give a big thank you to the entire team at Church Boom, you are all making such a big kingdom impact. You are coming alongside pastors through practical wisdom and insights that are helping churches to grow and get back on track.  Thank you for investing in churches like no other."

Jamie Stahler

Vice President, Outreach Magazine

"I have always believed that the local church is God’s plan A and there is no Plan B. Church Boom is a team committed to the local church that is struggling and to the pastors who may be facing emotional despair.  Thank you Church Boom for what you do…you are making a difference!"

Larry Osborne

Teaching Pastor, North Coast Church 

Resourcing and Supporting the Local Church

2022 Church Rescue Stats

In 2022 Church Rescue:

  • Provided over $250,000 in emergency funding and resources to pastors and churches in need.
  • Coached, assisted, and resourced over 400 churches...many of these facing crisis and the threat of closing their doors.
  • Launched multiple new resources including our coaching podcast to help train and develop pastors.
  • Hosted multiple free events to provide on-site training for pastors and their teams.

Come to the Rescue

Choose one of three ways to help support the Church Rescue Initiative


Give Today

Your commitment helps rescue churches. Sign up to support Church Rescue monthly through our secure donor platform, or give a one-time donation. Every month, you’ll receive an update celebrating stories of rescue from churches across the country. Thank you for making a difference!



Host A Rescue Sunday

Let's give you a Sunday off of preaching as we come to your church to share the message of Church Rescue.



Set up Mission Giving

Give to Church Rescue on an annual basis through your mission giving


Learn More

Did you know...

1. 40% of pastors are considering leaving the ministry (Barna Research)
2. 76% of pastors admit to feeling inadequately trained for the ministry (Gitnux Market Data Research)
3. Between 6,000-10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year. That means 100-200 churches will close this week (Lifeway Research)

Join the movement to help turn the Church around!

Fill out the info below to let us know your interest in supporting Church Rescue or to host a Rescue Sunday. Our team will be in touch with you shortly!

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Is Church Rescue a 501(c) non profit

Yes, Church Rescue is an official 501(c)3 non-profit. Donations and giving to Church Rescue are tax-deductible

Where do funds go?

Your support is essential in helping the Church Boom mission to coach and support pastors. Your funds will directly contribute to providing FREE coaching cohorts for churches with less than 200 members, emergency funding for churches at risk of closure, and other resources to support pastors.

How can I give to Church Rescue?

We suggest three options for supporting Church Rescue:

1. Opt for individual recurring giving by setting up your own donations directly with Church Rescue HERE.

2. Organize a Rescue Sunday and have our team visit your church to speak about the mission of Church Rescue and lead an offering.

3. Integrate Church Rescue into your church's mission budget and support us through missions giving.

What's the difference between Church Boom and Church Rescue

Church Boom is our coaching arm where we provide pastors with necessary coaching, support, and resources to help them lead their churches to growth.

Church Rescue is an initiaitve where we help provide Church Boom services to churches under 200 for free. Church Rescue also provides emergency funding to help rescue churches from closing.

What is a Church Rescue Sunday?

On a Church Rescue Sunday, the Church Boom team visits your service to share our mission. We'll bring one of our top communicators to deliver the message, giving you - the pastor - a day off.

We collaborate with your team to ensure the offering collected that day goes towards supporting Church Rescue.

I have a question on my current giving or need to change my billing details

Please contact us at to let us know how we can assist.

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