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"The Executive Coaching I have received has been instrumental to unlock the potential in my life, and the life of the church. We would not be where we are today without it."
- Joel Wood Lead Pastor | Waymaker Church, New Mexico  

Executive Coaching for Pastors

If You're a Pastor, You Need a Coach!

Custom coaching is designed for those seeking a personalized growth-strategy that’s right for your church, team, and community! You’ll receive extensive coaching from a member of our experienced team of pastors. We can even partner with you to become your Virtual Executive Pastor, which is like having your own Executive Pastor at a fraction of the cost. CHURCH BOOM’s team of successful, seasoned pastors want to help you face and overcome the obstacles keeping you from experiencing GROWTH in your Church. ARE YOU IN?

In our custom coaching you'll find:

Clarity on taking your church to the next level.

A plan to grow your team and church.

Support to implement needed changes.

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I say it often, "amateurs learn by trial-and-error, but professionals get coached!" As a pastor, you're dedicated to guiding, inspiring, and supporting your local church, but who supports you? Who helps you navigate the unique challenges and demands that come with your role?

I firmly believe that every pastor deserves a coach. A pastoral coach becomes your trusted partner, walking alongside you on your journey and providing the guidance, accountability, and unwavering support you need to fulfill your calling to the fullest.

Remember, you don't have to shoulder the weight alone. Embrace the power of  coaching and unlock your full potential as a pastor.

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What others are saying —

"Executive coaching has been absolutely life changing for our ministry. As new lead pastors we spent the first couple years learning  everything the hard way, and we knew we needed proven coaching. Church Boom came alongside us and provided crucial wisdom, teaching, and strategy that launched us into a healthy, sustainable season of growth.

Executive coaching changed the game for myself and our team. 

Josh Weisbrod

Lead Pastor | Banner Church, Arizona

"One of the benefits of being coached is having someone who has your success in mind asking you the questions that bring out your best…

Coaching peels back the layers to help you get to the center of your pastoral heart…

Church Booms desire is to help you through coaching to become who and what God has called you to become…
Like an athlete, Chris’s coaching helps you to overcome barriers that have held you back.

Dave McNeely

Lead Pastor | New Life Church, Ohio

“Executive Coaching has been a game changer for me in three major ways: Making way better leadership decisions, building a culture of generosity & bringing one of my ministry dreams to life!” 

Hector Guiterrez

Lead Pastor | Thive Church, California 

Virtual Coaching Groups for Pastors

Inside Coaching

Custom coaching allows you to put together a specific plan to meet your biggest needs. A custom plan may include the following items:

Personalized Monthly Coaching

Meet with your Church Boom coach virtually each month to walk through the specific challenges you're facing.

Real Time Emergency Coaching

Have access to a Church Boom coach to guide and support you through the most difficult ministry challenges and emergencies.

On-Site Coaching

Schedule time for your Church Boom coach to visit on-site to provide you and your team training.

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How much does coaching cost?

Our custom coaching program is tailored to suit the specific needs of each church. We encourage you to schedule a free coaching call with us so we can work together to create a plan that is perfect for you.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes, as part of the Church Rescue Initiative, we have financial assistance available to help pastors access coaching. Please contact us to let us know of your need.

Am I guaranteed to see results?

While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we are proud of the transformative impact our coaching has had on countless pastors. Through our coaching program, we have witnessed the remarkable growth not only in the numerical expansion of churches but also in the personal leadership skills of pastors.

The effectiveness of our coaching lies in its personalized and supportive nature, which enables pastors to realize their full potential and lead their churches with newfound confidence and vision.

While results may vary, our commitment to empowering pastors remains unwavering, and we are dedicated to walking alongside each pastor on their unique journey to achieve lasting growth and fulfillment.

What's the difference between cohorts and custom coaching?

Our cohorts are virtual coaching groups that meet for 10 months every year. Each group follows a proven curriculum to overcome church growth barriers. These groups are led by a Church Boom certified team, and you will be part of a small group of pastors.

Our custom coaching is a personalized approach where we work with you and your team one-on-one, both virtually and in-person. This type of coaching is designed for pastors and churches who are determined to accelerate their church's growth.

Is coaching the same as consulting?

Church coaching and church consulting serve distinct purposes.

Coaching revolves around personal and professional growth, fostering deep relationships between coaches and pastors for ongoing support and empowerment. It focuses on developing leadership skills and enabling pastors to find their own solutions.

Consulting is solution-oriented, offering expert advice on specific challenges within a church. Consultants provide actionable recommendations but may have a more short-term involvement.

Both coaching and consulting play crucial roles in church growth, with coaching being personalized and empowering, while consulting offers specialized expertise for targeted issues.

Do you have any free leadership resources?

Yes, check out our Free Downloads for some practical tools, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly coaching content.

Finally, check out our podcast, The Fly on the Wall, where you can sit in on weekly live coaching sessions with pastors.

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